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You are given a string s consisting of lower case letters and an integer k

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. otherwise, increase the count in frequency.

Then t test cases follow.

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(If S does not have a duplicated substring, the answer is "". Apply this operation as many times as he wants.

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. The string represents a software license key which we would like to format. . upper(). Scan the string and check if the value of the. . . Example 1 Input S hello Output h Explanation In the given string , the first character which is non-repeating is h, as it appears first and there is no other 'h' in the <b>string<b>. It is guaranteed that n 2 k for some integer k 0. Asequence of two adjacent letters inside a string is called adigram. . . Given a string s, a k duplicate removal consists of. . You are also given non-empty zero-indexed arrays P and Q consisting of M integers. During the first move, you can remove the first character s 1 b because s 2 a. . . . Your task is to obtain a good string by rearranging the letters of the given string or report that it is impossible to do it. SAS String Functions - COMPRESS Function Purpose This function removes some specified characters that we wish to remove from the string instead of removing blanks that, given a string S consisting of N characters, returns 1 if string S is properly nested and 0 otherwise Given a string S of length N consisting of only lower. . The value is a string consisting of upper-case Latin letters A to Z, digits, spaces, and hyphen - characters. Given a string S, consider all duplicated substrings (contiguous) substrings of S that occur 2 or more times. Each of the next m lines contains a string s and an. (If S does not have a duplicated substring, the answer is "".

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